User Pain Points

On average, sales teams often invest 3 to 6 months selling Certification to prospects, 40% of which result in rejection during the audit process. The Certification Analyst team uses different approaches to run audits, documenting them in a spreadsheet, usually taking about 90 minutes a prospect. During the handoff between sales and the analyst there isn't a clear way to see how far along in the process the prospect is.


Remove the number of low-probability prospects sooner in the sales process. Increase the transparency and communication of audit process.  Decrease time spent on an audit per applicant.


Our Approach started by defining the current process, for both sales and analysts. Working closely with both teams, we found repetitive steps occurred and were able to determine some of these checks could be automated. After defining a process, we began testing the process and incorporating feedback through iterative prototypes. We built and released a beta product, while gaining feedback and insights to improve and add feature sets to improve the product. We continue to provide support for the product and enhance and build new features.

Business Impact

After releasing the internal tool, we saw sales submit less applicants, with a higher percentage of them meeting our standards. This means we were able to weed out the low-probability applicants earlier in the process, creating a stronger pipeline, closing more sales. As well the tie to run an audit was cut from 90 minutes to about 45 minutes, increasing the amount of audits completed which increased monthly revenue from Certification.