IngenioRX a brand under Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, is a platform designed to capture non Anthem insured users and prove them the same management of their healthcare as those insured by Anthem Insurance.

User Pain Points

For those looking to manage your prescriptions and delivery of those prescriptions but currently don’t have access to a platform to allow them to do so.. IngenioRX app and web portal prescription management


Provide a digital solution for patients to manage prescriptions regardless of your insurance provider.


Design started by applying Ingenio Brand style to Anthem’s previously established prescription management tools. Working closely with the larger UX team to research and define how the flows would differ and where they would be similar from Anthem gave us a starting point to begin creating a product for the masses. We are continuing to work with the development team to refine and create new features for the IngenioRX brand.

Business Impact

IngenioRX has broadened the Anthem Umbrella and allows non Anthem insured customers access to the same platforms as those with Anthem insurance.