PhotoSpot is a mobile app designed to simplify location scouting for photoshoots. Locations of images are uploaded and shared to all users, making the location scouting a simple quick task, to keep phtographers from search and more time out shooting.

User Pain Points

When planning a photoshoot one of the most time consuming parts in location scouting. If you are a solo photographer without a crew to do the location scouting, this is especially frustrating to find new spots that inspire photographers to create, instead of going to the same old spots because it’s safe and you know it works.


Create a platform that allows photographers to create save and share photo locations, through a visual interface that is as fun to scroll through as Instagram.


The idea started by interviewing photographers about their current location scouting technique and understanding their frustrations, from there a prototype was created and tested with a small group of photographers to validate the idea and refine the process. a visual style for the brand was created, a focus being on the images uploaded by users, so the interface is purposely be muted and not really compete or interfere with the imagery.

PhotoSpot 2.jpg