Pick Ride Share is looking to disrupt the ride share market, by flipping the way it works on its head. Instead of passengers requesting a ride and a driver selects to give them a ride, the power is put in the passengers hand to select the driver they want to ride with. This allows for high performing drivers to reap the benefits as passengers are more likely to choose a well rated driver. Passengers can also become returning customers, not just to the app, but to their preferred drivers, once again increasing the value of being a top performing driver.

User Pain Points

As a passenger, we have no control over who gives us a ride. Rating drivers doesn’t provide the feedback to other passengers, Drivers with high ratings don’t receive the benefits of offering exceptional riding experiences. As passengers we are left up to chance whether or not we will experience a good ride or a silent hurry up and get me out of here ride.


Allow Passengers the power, while incentivizing Drivers to create an exceptional safe riding experience, to increase their earning potential.


Starting from the ground up

Business Impact

After releasing the internal tool, we saw sales submit less applicants, with a higher percentage of them meeting our standards. This means we were able to weed out the low-probability applicants earlier in the process, creating a stronger pipeline, closing more sales. As well the tie to run an audit was cut from 90 minutes to about 45 minutes, increasing the amount of audits completed which increased monthly revenue from Certification.