Q: What is a part 107 certification and why is it important?

A: Part 107 is the FAA regulations for operating an unmanned aircraft or better known today as a drone. We are certified and use proper and safe flying practices in accordance with the FAA regulations. In short, the aerial footage we provide you is performed in a legal and safe manner. As stated by the FAA the use of a non certified pilot can result in $1,100 fine for each piece drone footage used for commercial use without a part 107 certification. And $11,000 for anyone who hires an unlicensed pilot. 


Q: My location is near an airport, can I hire you?

A: Absolutely you can hire us. It is our job as pilots to obtain any waivers or authorizations from the FAA in order to complete a mission in regulated airspaces. Please keep in mind the FAA requests that authorization requests be submitted 90 days before flight.


Q: What happens if it rains during our scheduled shoot?

A: The pilot has final say whether or not to fly. If the pilot deems it is unsafe to fly, there will be no flying that day. The shoot will be rescheduled at it’s earliest convenience at no additional charge.