Hi, I’m Brian Laiche

(Pronounced 'Lesh' like crème fraiche).


It’s my passion to solve user’s pain points with clean, user-friendly designs.

Our phones are now a part of us and assist us in our daily lives. Apps are all competing for a permanent space on our home screens. Made to simplify our everyday tasks, or made to distract us from everything else going on in the world. When we turn to our phones for help or escape the apps we use should be friendly and easy to use, not frustrating and confusing.

I’ve worked in a variety of industries from Fortune 500 companies to small startups, with one goal in my mind, to rid the world of bad UX. Every experience should be useful and exciting to use every day.

Outside of app design, You’ll find me playing the coolest game on earth, hockey. Or bombing down trails on the mountain bike. Begin talking about cars, old or new, and I won’t shut up. Good design takes all forms, and cars are one of my favorite expressions of design and engineering. A soon to be dad, I’m looking forward to all the terrible dad jokes and the weekend mornings mowing the grass in those comfortable (used to be white) New Balance shoes. Creativity never stops, If I'm not designing, I’m behind the lens photographing amazing landscapes or cars. I look forward to working together!



Resume, references, and portfolio available on request.


Great design is as much about its usefulness as it is about its beauty.